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Precious Metals Forecast 2021 – Gold, Silver, PGMs and Rhodium potential remains for new highs. Gold is expected to reach new record highs and silver will likely outperform gold again this year. The platinum group metals, which are heavily dependent on the automotive industry, are likely to remain at a high level with continuing strong fluctuations. Iridium and rhodium, are likely to reach new highs.

Top Resource Stock Picks – Commodities are forecast to make historic moves. Top Picks for Mining Stocks, Industrial Materials & Energy, Met Coal, Natural Gas, Lithium, Diamonds, Gold and Silver stocks by top-ranked analysts, money managers and leading newsletter advisors.

Commodities Outlook 2021 – Highly-rated Hedge Fund analyst says commodities like Uranium and Gold are underappreciated and forecasts growing demand will push up prices by several multiples. StoneX Group, team analysts give Bullish and Bearish factors for Precious Metals, PGMs, Base Metals, Crude Oil, Coffee, Wheat and an Economic Outlook.

Commodity Prices: Supercycle or Regular Upturn? – Commodity markets may be about to embark on another supercycle – a multi-year, broad-based, and usually large increase in prices – according to research published by some of the top investment banks involved in the sector.

2021 Institutional Investment Outlook – Global Survey of 500 Institutional Investors by Natixis. Sectors that professional investors expect to outperform in 2021. Here’s what institutional investors anticipate for Equities, Fixed Income and Alternatives.

Platinum to Outperform other Precious Metals – Platinum prices have the largest upside potential in precious metals this year, forecasts ABN AMRO. Reasons: Strong Chinese economy, recovery in the industrial sector, higher consumer demand for cars, stringent car emission regulation results, and fuel technology for cars. Demand to outpace supply.

PGMs in Short Supply Last Year – Platinum, palladium and rhodium, used by the auto industry, were all in short supply in 2020. With supply and demand moving in tandem, market fundamentals should be little changed in 2021, according to Johnson Matthey. The 43-page, PGM Market Report is available to readers.

  Lithium Producers Grow Bullish as
EV Revolution Turbocharges Demand

Rising demand for lithium is stoking prices for the electric vehicle battery metal, fueling long-delayed expansions that still may not produce adequate supplies that automakers need to meet aggressive production plans.
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  Shortages, Low Stocks Risk Copper Spiking to New Records
Shortages of copper and dwindling inventories are likely to propel prices of the industrial metal to levels beyond current record highs, unless scrap supplies rise significantly. There is a risk that prices of the red metal spike to $13,000.
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  Goldman Sees Commodities Rallying
Over Next Six Months on Strong Demand

U.S. bank Goldman Sachs expects commodities to rally another 13.5% over the next six months on a worldwide reversal of coronavirus curbs, lower interest rates and a weaker dollar, its commodities research team.
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  In Energy-Reliant Canada, Banks and Investors
Face Dilemma in Meeting Emissions Target

Canadian banks' commitments to "net-zero financed emissions" by 2050 have drawn doubts from many investors, given the lack of a defined goal, details and their continued support for oil and gas companies...
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  Europe Could Operate 40,000 km of
Hydrogen Pipelines by 2040 – Operators

Europe could devote 40,000 km (24,800 miles) of natural gas pipelines to hydrogen by 2040 once production and imports of the alternative fuel take off. It is technically possible and economically feasible to use the existing gas infrastructure to create this hydrogen backbone, said transmission systems operators.
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  Frost Damage Could Cut
French Wine Output by a Third

Frost damage to French vineyards this month could reduce wine production by nearly a third compared with recent years, farm office FranceAgriMer said, citing initial estimates from wine producers. The worst-hit wine regions included Burgundy, with average losses initially put at around 50%, Languedoc at 40% and Aquitaine that encompasses Bordeaux at some 30%.
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  Palladium Shoots to New Records
as Deficit-Fuelled Rally Reignites

Palladium prices have surged to record levels and many analysts expect a further run towards $3,000 per ounce as automakers ramp up purchases of the metal used to neutralise harmful exhaust fumes, worsening a supply shortage.
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  Texas Energy Fund Shuts,
Founder says Millions Squandered

The founder of a Texas oil and gas investment firm that raised about $31 million shut the business this month and acknowledged in a Reuters interview that he had squandered investors' cash on "bad" and "non-arm's-length" deals.
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  Setting Up for a Supercycle?
A “supercycle” in the commodity market is defined as a multi-year and even decades-long period of time where a structural change in demand keeps supply constrained and prices elevated. Evidence is mounting that we are on the cusp of another cyclical boom for commodities. The Mosaic Co. has seen demand and pricing for its nutrients and fertilizers soar.
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Oil to Hit $40 by 2030
if Climate Goals are Met – Consultancy

Global oil prices could drop to around $40 a barrel by 2030 if governments push to reduce fuel consumption in step with U.N.-backed plans to limit global warming, a leading energy consultancy said. By 2050, Brent may slide to $10 to $18 a barrel.
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  Friedland Sees Copper Supply
as National Security Issue

Copper is so crucial in electrifying the global economy that finding enough of it has become a national security issue, according to mining magnate Robert Friedland, founder and co-chairman of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd., which explores and develops mines in Africa.
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A Lack of Mine Supply is Squeezing Copper Smelters

There is real tightness in the copper market. It's just that it's playing out upstream in the opaque raw materials segment of the supply chain. A lack of mine supply is squeezing copper smelters, Chinese ones in particular, leading many to take maintenance downtime, a collective pause that may bite the refined metal market in the weeks ahead.
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OPEC Raises 2021 Oil Demand Growth
Forecast on Hope Pandemic Wanes

OPEC raised its forecast for growth in world oil demand this year on expectations the pandemic will subside, providing help for the group and its allies in their efforts to support the market.
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  Reuters Technical Analysis
2 Outlook 2021 – Wang Tao

Brent and WTI may be range-bound in the second quarter. They are steady on long-term uptrend. Gold looks bullish. Copper and aluminium may retrace further. Palm oil may experience shallow correction before rising. Soybeans are expected to keep rising while corn and wheat may correct more. Coffee will resume uptrend after correction. Cocoa will head south. Dollar index may revisit Sept 2020 high. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts included.
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  The World’s Top 10 Largest Silver Mines in 2020
Kitco ranked the world's top 10 largest silver mines based on reported production for the 2020 calendar year. Only around 30% of annual supply comes from primary silver mines while more than a third is produced at lead/zinc operations and a further 20% from copper mines. The polymetallic ore deposits from which silver are recovered account for more than two-thirds of the world's silver resources.
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  Elon Musk Enters the Silver Equation – David Morgan
Podcast: Elon Musk is known for being a radical innovator with a taste for currency and payment revolutions. After his recent announcement that Tesla would be accepting Bitcoin as payment for its motor vehicles, the world became more receptive to the prospect of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to re-imagine traditional finance. However, the entrepreneur didn't stop there.
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  Humble Aluminium Can Shows
a Circular Economy Won’t Be Easy

When Coors introduced the first all-aluminium beverage can in 1959, it offered one cent on every can returned. The U.S. brewer knew it could recycle the used cans to make new cans at a fraction of the cost of virgin metal. Recycling uses only 5% of the energy needed to convert alumina into primary aluminium and you can reprocess the stuff almost infinitely.

  Sinopec Aims for Carbon Neutrality
by 2050, Plans Pivot to Hydrogen

China's Sinopec Corp, Asia's largest oil refiner aims to be carbon neutral by 2050, with its near-term strategy focused on natural gas development and a long-term pivot to hydrogen, top executives said.

  In Gold We Trust 2021 – Chartbook
The 2020 In Gold We Trust report, posted in The Bull & Bear Financial Report, was read by almost 2 million people. The 2021 report, published by Incrementum AG, authored by Ronald-Peter Stoeferle and Mark J. Valek will be published in May. Here is a preview of their new Chartbook for In Gold We Trust 2021 report offering current views on gold, silver, and macro. Key Topics: Inflation and the Boy Who Cried Wolf; Silver’s Silver Lining; Mining Stocks – the Party Has (Just) Begun and more. The 88-page Chartbook contains over 60+ charts.
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  Canadian Oil Patch Braces for
More Deals after Record Start to 2021

Mergers and acquisitions in Canada's oil and gas sector had a record start to the year in 2021 as companies took advantage of improved oil price expectations amid the pandemic recovery, and many industry participants expect the trend to continue.
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  Global Silver Demand Forecasted to Rise 11% in 2021
Global silver demand is anticipated to achieve an eight-year high in 2021. Additionally, the outlook for the silver price remains encouraging, with the annual average price projected to rise to a seven-year high of $30. Outperforming gold this year.
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  Silver Rush Creates Silver Scams
The Chinese are blowing up the web selling fake silver dollars. Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation warns of surge in fake “silver” coins offered online.
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  What Is The Federal Government
Trying To Hide From The Public?

In 2020, silver’s increase exceeded that of every other asset tracked by Patrick Heller, Liberty’s Outlook. Heller anticipates gold and silver will enjoy even greater price hikes in 2021. The reason for this expectation is by looking at all the financial problems the US government is doing its best to hide from the public.
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  Tight Supply and Hydrogen
Hopes Drive Iridium up 160%

Iridium has become the latest precious metal to undergo a spectacular price rally, after supply shortages and expectations it will be used to produce hydrogen to power a greener economy lifted its value by 160% in two months.
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  Precious Metals Forecast 2021:
Potential Remains for further Price Upside

Gold prices are set to reach record highs in 2021. Silver is likely to outperform Gold again this year. The platinum group metals, which are heavily dependent on the automotive industry, are likely to remain at a high level with continuing strong fluctuations. Some metals, such as iridium and rhodium, are likely to reach new highs – Heraeus Precious Metals.
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  Big U.S. Oil Drillers Have Federal Permits
to Mute Effect of any Biden Ban

U.S. President Joe Biden’s promised ban on new oil and gas drilling on federal lands would take years to shut off production from top shale drillers because they already have stockpiled permits. The seven companies that control half the federal supply onshore in the Lower 48 states have leases and permits in hand that could last years.
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Many U.S. Utilities Plan to Hang On To Their Coal Plants for a Decade – Report

The most coal-dependent U.S. utilities plan to keep around 75% of their coal-fired power plants running for another decade, according to an analysis by the environmental group Sierra Club, posing a threat to the climate.
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Gold Investors Target ‘Excessive’
Executive Payouts Amid Deals

Gold investors critical of lavish executive payouts plan to vote down compensation at upcoming annual shareholder meetings, as soaring prices for the precious metal spur dealmaking.
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Cost of Gold
the Year You Were Born

Stacker compiled a list of the price of gold every year since 1920. Stacker mined data from Kitco and Bureau of Labor Statistics to show how the price of gold has changed over a century, and how gold has impacted society along the way. Included for each year: Average closing price; U.S. primary gold production; U.S. secondary gold productions; U.S. gold net exports; Historic photos.
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U.S. Finds its Chinese Rare Earth
Dependency Hard to Break

The U.S. Department of Defense has just committed funding for two rare earth separation plants on U.S. soil. It's one small step towards the Trump administration's stated goal of breaking the country's dependence on Chinese supplies of critical minerals.

Silver to be Critical to Solar Power
Generation Market Over Next 10 Years

Silver is the Most Reliable Metal for Solar Energy Output. With solar power generation expected to nearly double by 2025, this sector is projected to remain an important and consistent source of industrial demand for silver over the next ten years, while underscoring silver’s role as a green metal.
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