Miners Look to Carbon Capture
to Move Beyond Net Zero

The global race to carbon neutrality is a double-edged sword for the metals and mining sector. The world is going to need a lot more of metals such as lithium, copper and nickel to decarbonise, but the mining sector is itself a big carbon emitter.
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COP26 Aims to Banish Coal.
Asia is Building Hundreds of Power Plants to Burn It

Many industrialised countries have been shutting down coal plants for years to reduce emissions. But in Asia, home to 60% of the world's population and about half of global manufacturing, coal's use is growing rather than shrinking as rapidly developing countries seek to meet booming demand for power.
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Top 20 Oil & Gas Companies in the World in 2021

Despite the headwinds facing the oil and gas industry, oil still makes up the largest share of the global energy mix, fueled by the giant corporations that make up Big Oil. Here are the biggest oil and gas companies by market cap in 2021.
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The Largest Copper Mines in the World by Capacity

Copper is one of the most-used metals in the world, for good reason. North, South, and Central America collectively host 15 of the 20 largest copper mines. These three regions combine the capacity for nearly 36% of global copper production in 2020. Here are the 20 largest copper mines in the world based on production capacity.

Teck Resources: A Potential Double – Alan Lancz

Alan Lancz, editor The Lancz Letter, strongly recommends purchase of Teck Resources at current levels for a potential double in valuation over the next 1-2 years. TECK is rated a “Strong Buy” by Wall Street analysts.
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Energy and Commodity Hedge Funds
Post Big Gains as Prices Skyrocket

Hedge funds that bet on a big comeback for commodities enjoyed soaring returns in the first nine months of 2021 as the world faced an energy crunch. The average global macro commodities hedge fund is up 23.2% for the first nine months of the year.

Reuters Technical Analysis Q4 Outlook 2021 – Wang Tao

Brent and WTI are steady on a long-term uptrend. U.S. oil may retest resistance zone of $76.90-$78.72, a break above which could lead to a gain to $94.77. Gold could have resumed downtrend from the August high. Spot gold may retest a support at $1,688/oz in Q4, a break below which could open the way towards the $1,451-$1,498 range. Palm oil looks shaky and may experience deep correction. Copper has completed long-term uptrend and moved into a bear cycle while aluminium is still trending up. Grains and softs are expected to climb higher. U.S. dollar may strengthen in the fourth quarter. Commentary plus Weekly and Daily charts included by Wang Tao, Reuters market analyst for commodities and energy.
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Gold: America's Forever War is Not Over

Special Report: Who will finance America’s debt if the Chinese decide to invest in gold or Japanese yen or sterling? Who will finance Mr. Biden’s spending spree? If the Chinese won’t step up to the plate, maybe the Fed could create another trillion or two with another “click” or mint a trillion dollar coin? – John R. Ing, President & CEO, Maison Placements Canada Inc. History shows that the consequences of higher inflation is higher interest rates, an outcome even more likely due to the deterioration of US government finances.

Another outcome of higher inflation though is much higher gold prices. While gold has lost seven percent this year, inflation is rising. Gold is set to rise, it is a classic hedge against inflation. John Ing continues to believe that gold will hit $2,200 as an interim target.

Here are Mr. Ing’s Buy/Hold/Sell recommendations for B2Gold Corp, Barrick Gold Corp, Centamin PLC, Centerra Gold, Eldorado Gold, IAMGold, Kinross Gold, Kirkland Lake Gold, Lundin Gold, New Gold Inc., Newmont Corp and Yamana Gold.
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Copper Analysts Reset Outlook
on China's Dual Demand Ructions

Copper analysts are reviewing their price forecasts for the red metal after simultaneous disruptions in two key sectors in China that together make up more than half the country's copper demand.

CLP Holdings: Low Risk Bet on Asia’s Energy Explosion

Few places have seen more turbulence than Hong Kong the past few years. But equally, few utilities boast anything close to the continuing reliable and robust growth of CLP Holdings – Roger Conrad, editor of Conrad’s Utility Investor.

Barclays Raises 2022 Oil Price View on Likely Supply Deficit

Barclays has raised its 2022 oil price forecasts reasoning that a continued recovery in demand could widen a 'persistent' supply shortfall..
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Commodity Traders Face
Big Margin Calls as Gas Prices Soar

The world's top commodity trading houses are being told by brokers and exchanges to deposit hundreds of millions of dollars in extra funds to cover their exposure to soaring gas prices.
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Solar Energy Can Account for
40% of U.S. Electricity by 2035 – DOE

The Biden administration released a report showing the United States can get 40% of its electricity from solar energy by 2035, a significant jump. The Solar Futures Study outlines how solar energy can help decarbonize the U.S. power grid and help achieve Biden’s goal of net zero emissions in the electricity sector by 2035.
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WPIC Switches 2021 Platinum Forecast
from Deficit to Surplus

The World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC) said it now expects the global platinum market to be in surplus this year as mine supply ramps up and investment demand falls.
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Mexican Mining Spending Seen
Jumping to More Than $5 bln in 2021

Mining investment in Mexico is set to climb by about 42% in 2021 to reach more than $5 billion, after tumbling last year during a pandemic-related economic slowdown, the head of the country's mining chamber forecast.
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Oil is Most Likely
Headed to $80+ Within Months

Oil and Gas drilling projects offer huge revenue stream and tax advantage, notes Bill Velmer, editor of S.A. Advisory newsletter. Oil is headed towards $80 and Natgas $4.50, says Velmer. He invites Investors to consider a project that has the most attractive returns for both Oil and Gas, a proven reserve, a very short term for complete payout and a huge tax benefit.
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Oil Should Resume
Upward Trend Despite Delta Spread

Brent crude has declined below USD 70 a barrel, amid worries that the spread of the delta variant could lower demand for transport fuels. Despite setbacks, UBS believes the return to economic normalization will continue, lending support to oil prices.
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Visualizing U.S. Oil Production, by State

The U.S. is the largest oil producer in the world. The U.S. accounts for 15% of the world’s total oil production. Of the 50 states, 32 produce oil, totaling nearly 4.1B barrels of oil in 2020. Who are these oil-producing states, and how much did they contribute to the nation’s annual production in 2020?
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Tin, Aluminium to Outperform other Base Betals in H2

Tin and aluminium prices are likely to outperform the rest of the base metals complex in the second half of 2021 on strong demand and tight supply, state-backed Chinese research house Antaike said.
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Winter is Coming:
Temperature Extremes Fuel Global Gas Rally

Global gas prices are expected to break records this winter as a hot northern hemisphere summer leaves inventories low in key markets, just as green energy drives ramp up in new regions.
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Metals Recycling to be a Key Plank
for Cutting Emissions

Consumer awareness of carbon emissions from the production of metals for the energy transition will eventually energise the recycling industry and stimulate searches for substitutes that could spoil the party for miners.
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U.S. Infrastructure Deal Includes
$6 Billion Sale from Oil Reserve

The infrastructure deal struck by a group of bipartisan senators and President Joe Biden includes partial funding by a proposed $6 billion sale from the U.S. emergency oil reserve, according to a document circulated by Republican lawmakers.
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  Algonquin Power Provides Nice Defensive Hedge
While Generating an Income Stream

SmallCap Informer’s coverage of Algonquin Power & Utilities is a rare foray into utilities in the defensive super-sector. But in markets with very high valuations and resultingly few bargains to be found, it can be a good move to capture some dividends and slot a more defensive play into a portfolio.
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  Silver Rush Creates Silver Scams
The Chinese are blowing up the web selling fake silver dollars. Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation warns of surge in fake “silver” coins offered online.
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Cost of Gold
the Year You Were Born

Stacker compiled a list of the price of gold every year since 1920. Stacker mined data from Kitco and Bureau of Labor Statistics to show how the price of gold has changed over a century, and how gold has impacted society along the way. Included for each year: Average closing price; U.S. primary gold production; U.S. secondary gold productions; U.S. gold net exports; Historic photos.
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The Resource Investor NewsWire

CN Delivers Solid Q3 Results and Reaffirms 2021 Outlook
Canadian National Railway reported its financial and operating results for Q3, showing strong performance across nearly all key metrics.
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Agnico Eagle and Kirkland Lake Gold Announce
Merger to Become World's Third Gold Biggest Producer

On 28th September, Agnico Eagle and Kirkland Lake Gold announced that they had entered into an agreement to merge the two companies. Should the merger be successfully completed, which is expected to happen late this year or in Q1.22, it would create the world’s third biggest gold mining company, behind Newmont and Barrick, with forecast production of 113t in 2022.
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