In Reaction to Rising Consumer Prices
and New Basel III Banking Regulations Taking Effect,
U.S. Government Suppresses Gold and Silver

Government reports have shredded the Fed’s claim that consumer price increases were running “persistently below” the Fed’s target of 2% annually. Patrick Heller, Liberty’s Coin Service, looks for precious metals prices to be significantly higher at year-end.
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Reuters Technical Analysis
Q3 Outlook 2021 – Wang Tao

Brent and WTI may experience corrections in the next quarter while maintaining their long-term uptrend. Palm oil could have moved into a long-term bear cycle, despite its possible strong bounce. Spot Gold may retest resistance at $1,934, Copper may revisit May high of $10,747.50. LME aluminium may retest resistance at $2,546. Grains are expected to revisit their May highs. Coffee may sustain its upward momentum and continue to reap gains while cocoa may suffer further loss. Dollar index may have started a medium-term uptrend. Daily and Weekly charts included – Wang Tao, Reuters market analyst for commodities and energy.
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Can Reddit's Silver "Apes" Beat the Market?

WallStreetBets, some of the 122,000-strong community hope to corner the silver market and bring down what they say is an unjust banking system. Market professionals say that is unlikely to succeed – there is plenty of silver, and central bankers in the United States and Europe expect inflation to stay in low single-digits.
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Metals Recycling to be a Key Plank
for Cutting Emissions

Consumer awareness of carbon emissions from the production of metals for the energy transition will eventually energise the recycling industry and stimulate searches for substitutes that could spoil the party for miners.
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Oil is Most Likely Headed to $80+ Within Months

Bill Velmer is most Bullish toward oil investment since 2014, asserts Bill Velmer, editor of S.A. Advisory investment newsletter [published for 37 years]. In his opinion, the perfect storm in place for oil and gas prices for the foreseeable future. Velmer invites Investors to consider a project that has the most attractive returns for both Oil and Gas, a proven reserve, a very short term for complete payout and a huge tax benefit.
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GM Shakes Up Lithium Industry
with California Geothermal Project

General Motors Co is investing in a U.S. lithium project that could become the country's largest by 2024, making the automaker one of the first to develop its own source of a battery metal crucial for the electrification of cars and trucks.
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Lawrie Williams: Gold and 10 Year
TIPS Inverse Diverge. Buying Signal?

Lawrie Williams takes a looks at Murenbeeld’s research which has been pointing to a remarkably close relationship between movements in the gold price and in the inverse of the 10-year USA Treasury Inflation Protected Securities yield.
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Commodity Outperformance
Switching to Energy from Metals

The rally in commodity prices is likely to see a shift from metals to energy resources, such as crude oil, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and coal, according to Resources and Energy Quarterly report by the Australian government. The report doesn't foresee a major retreat in the prices of metals such as copper, iron ore, zinc, aluminium and nickel, it does forecast stronger performances from energy commodities.
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U.S. Infrastructure Deal Includes
$6 Billion Sale from Oil Reserve

The infrastructure deal struck by a group of bipartisan senators and President Joe Biden includes partial funding by a proposed $6 billion sale from the U.S. emergency oil reserve, according to a document circulated by Republican lawmakers.
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Chile's Decades-Old Mining Deals
May Hinder Bid to Lift Copper Royalties

With copper prices soaring and Chile's economy reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, lawmakers want to fund recovery efforts by hiking royalties on the booming mining sector but the drive could flounder because of deals that previous governments signed decades ago to freeze tariffs on the biggest miners.
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Energy Transition Metals Poised
for Uneven, Explosive Run Higher

Energy transition metals will take off big time, but not all at the same time," Wood Mackenzie analyst Julian Kettle said. The easing of coronavirus restrictions and robust manufacturing demand for industrial metals ignited a speculative rally that has cooled.
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  Algonquin Power Provides Nice Defensive Hedge
While Generating an Income Stream

SmallCap Informer’s coverage of Algonquin Power & Utilities is a rare foray into utilities in the defensive super-sector. But in markets with very high valuations and resultingly few bargains to be found, it can be a good move to capture some dividends and slot a more defensive play into a portfolio.
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  Goldman Sees Commodities Rallying
Over Next Six Months on Strong Demand

U.S. bank Goldman Sachs expects commodities to rally another 13.5% over the next six months on a worldwide reversal of coronavirus curbs, lower interest rates and a weaker dollar, its commodities research team.
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  In Energy-Reliant Canada, Banks and Investors
Face Dilemma in Meeting Emissions Target

Canadian banks' commitments to "net-zero financed emissions" by 2050 have drawn doubts from many investors, given the lack of a defined goal, details and their continued support for oil and gas companies...
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  Silver Rush Creates Silver Scams
The Chinese are blowing up the web selling fake silver dollars. Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation warns of surge in fake “silver” coins offered online.
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Cost of Gold
the Year You Were Born

Stacker compiled a list of the price of gold every year since 1920. Stacker mined data from Kitco and Bureau of Labor Statistics to show how the price of gold has changed over a century, and how gold has impacted society along the way. Included for each year: Average closing price; U.S. primary gold production; U.S. secondary gold productions; U.S. gold net exports; Historic photos.
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