GOLD: Unintended Consequences

John Ing’s Gold Report: We are concerned. To be clear, the world has changed as the US swings to isolationism. The collapse in emerging market currencies is not an isolated instance. The EU is beset by the uncertainty of Brexit and fears of an Italian budgetary stalemate could set off a Greek-style banking crisis and a slide towards default. The financial side effects only now emerging, from the pile up of US debt to higher inflation to Trump’s trade war, which only exacerbate the trend. The easy money tide that raised all ships, is reversing direction. Debt on debt is not good and the US dollar is particularly vulnerable since America remains the biggest debtor in the world. The US has become unpredictable and Mr. Trump's penchant for bullying those who provide the capital or his creditors will hurt America. It is not so different this time. Gold is a good thing to have. Read John Ing’s recommendations for Agnico Eagle, B2Gold, Barrick Gold, Detour Gold, Goldcorp, and New Gold.

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Precious Metals Outlook 2018
Further upside for Gold in 2018 is forecast by Metals Focus, but Silver is expected to outperform Gold, the outlook for Platinum will remain largely contingent on the trend in gold prices and Palladium will very likely experience a period of consolidation in 2018.

Higher Prices For Commodities
Argus Research forecasts higher prices for commodities in 2018-2019 as the Brazilian economy recovers and China continues to grow. Listed are the 5 Top Commodity Stock Picks by John Eade, President, Argus Research.

Oil Prices to Average $60-$70 through 2020
Oil prices are expected to remain close to current levels averaging $60 to $70 per barrel through the end of the decade, according to a survey of energy professionals.

Top Resource Stock Picks for 2018
The nation’s leading financial newsletter advisers were asked for their Top Resource Stock Picks for 2018 in a survey conducted by the Featured are some of the Top Picks for the resource sector from that survey.

Gold and Silver Weakness in 2018
Weakness in Gold and Silver prices in 2018 are forecast by ABN AMRO. But analysts expect silver prices to rally in 2019 in line with higher gold prices.

Reuters Technical Analysis Q4 Outlook 2018

Outlook for some U.S. dollar sensitive commodities would be gloomy in the fourth quarter as the greenback is expected to move higher. Oil may strive to deliver its final thrust towards a major resistance before starting a deep correction. Metals and softs may have short-lived bounces before resuming their downtrends. Grains are expected to shrug off the dollar impact to reap significant gains, as they have bottomed out. Palm oil still looks weak, but may find a key support and then rebound strongly. To read the full report, Click Here

Another Chance to Buy MDU Resources
Both of Roger Conrad’s, Editor, Conrad’s Utility Investor, Focus stocks are former high flyers that have come back to good entry points: Avangrid Inc. and MDU Resources. Here are Conrad’s comments for MDU Resources

World's Top Traders Divided on Oil Outlook as Iran Sanctions Loom
The world’s biggest trading houses said they saw oil prices not falling below $65 per barrel and possibly breaking above $100 next year as U.S. sanctions on Iran reduce crude exports from the Islamic republic.

Jay Taylor Interviews Chairman John Anderson, Triumph Gold
 Jay Taylor, editor J. Taylor’s Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks newsletter, has been a shareholder of Triumph Gold Corp (TSX.V: TIG) (OTCMKTS: TIGCF) for some time and states that it is now his personal top holding. To see why Jay is to bullish on Triumph Gold Click Here

Planning for Peak Oil
Peak oil is the forecast point in time at which the maximum level of petroleum demand is reached; after this peak, demand for oil is expected to enter terminal decline. Here are the views of geologists and economists from major integrated oil companies predicting the timing of peak oil.

Can the Silver Price Shrug Off Emerging Industrial Headwinds?
Following the IMF’s latest forecast, one question that now arises is whether silver will again be hit by industrial headwinds, suffering further attrition, in the process remaining the weakest performer among the major precious metals, a position it currently holds this year?

Platinum’s Discount to Gold Falls to $370, Can the Gap Continue to Narrow?
The discount between platinum and gold has fallen to less than $370, its lowest since late May, having dropped quite sharply from around $412 just a few weeks ago. This begs the question if platinum has the potential to continue outperforming gold, thus further narrowing the differential between the two.

Rare Earths: USA Backpedals Rare Earths Out of Tariff List
On September 17th, the United States Trade Representative released a finalised list of its 10% tariffs on US$200Bn of Chinese imports, effective as of September 24th. The list includes 5,745 of the 6,031 items originally put forward earlier in July. Rare earth metals and compounds, originally part of the tariff, have been left off the revised list.

Central Bank Buying Activity
Gold is an important part of central banks’ foreign exchange (FX) reserves. And central banks are an important part of the gold market: in H1 2018 they accounted for 10% of demand.

A Bright Outlook for the Chinese Silver Market, Benefiting Global Silver Offtake
Here are the key findings from the Silver Institutes’, The Prospects for the Chinese Silver Market, a special report prepared by Metals Focus.

Hackett Money Flow Commodity Report
Possible African Swine Fever Epidemic in China Could Spell the Beginning for a New Sustainable Bull Market in the Lean Hog and Cattle Markets.


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