Jay Taylor: Turning Hard Times Into Good Times
Is America Approaching Hyperinflation?

Jay Taylor is the editor of J Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks newsletter and host of the web-based radio show “Turning Hard Times into Good Times.” The show discusses investment opportunities primarily in the precious metals mining sector. Jay interviews CEOs of public companies as well as some of the best known Wall Street analysts, authors and political/economic thinkers.

In Jay’s recent broadcast featured guests include Charles Hugh Smith, Robert Carrington and Michael Oliver. Something is hugely wrong with our government’s CPI index. Their “inflation” statistics suggest that the cost of living is rising at less than 2% per year. But the living standard of the bottom 95% suggest otherwise. Part of the middle class decline has resulted from disappearing higher paying low-skilled jobs. But of even greater significance is the relentless rise in the cost-of-life sustaining essentials and the foundation of the economy like education, healthcare, energy and labor. Charles will be asked to explain the origin of this unfortunate trend and what we can do to protect ourselves against the damage caused by the anti free market deep state that controls our government. Robert will update us on developments at Newrange Gold Corp’s Pamlico gold project that can drive the company’s shares higher and Michael will provide his usual guidance for the direction of key markets.

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VIDEO: Who's getting excited for the PDAC 2018 Convention in Toronto, March 4-7? PDAC Executive Director (Interim) Lisa McDonald shares why this is the most attended event for the world's mineral exploration and mining industry, and why you MUST be there!
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What to Expect for Gold in 2018
The gold price has moved ahead this year, despite rising US interest rates and a persistent bull market in equities. Looking ahead, there are several reasons to believe that gold could maintain upward trajectory...

Investor Group Warns U.S. Farm Antibiotic Policy Lagging
The US is falling behind Europe in the fight to curb the overuse and misuse of antibiotics in meat production and experts are warning of the possibility of dangerous drug-resistant “superbug” infections as a result, according to a new report.

Silver Will Be the Precious Metal To Buy In 2018 – TD Securities
Silver will be the precious metal to watch next year, according to commodity analysts at TD Securities.

US Silver Coin and Bar Demand This Year Set for the Lowest Total Since 2010
The latest release of US Mint silver Eagle sales data confirms our feedback from market participants, of a sector that is still exceptionally weak and shows no sign of a turnaround since the beginning of 2017.

More Bullion for Barrels as Oil/Gold Ratio Nears 2017 Lows
How many barrels of oil does it take to buy one ounce of gold? Answer: fewer than at any time since the beginning of 2017.

Global Steel Demand Growth to Slow in 2018, Worldsteel says
Global steel demand growth is expected to slow to 1.6 percent next year, after strong growth in 2017 driven by demand from top consumer China.

Precious Metals Company Presentations by Senior Management
Senior management from over 150 selected explorers, developers and emerging producers with projects around the world gave corporate presentations and overviews of their company at the Annual Precious Metals Summit Conference held in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

The Bull & Bear’s GOLD STOCK NEWS


Featured Articles Inside This Issue:

Future Ten Baggers are Ahead – $2,200 gold is still in sight within the next 18 months, according to John Ing. Gold shares are beginning to move, after establishing huge bases and are poised to breakout from their trading range ¬– future 10 baggers are ahead says Ing. The Maison Placements Canada CEO comments on Agnico Eagle Mines, B2Gold, Barrick Gold, Centerra Gold, Eldorado Gold, Goldcorp, Kinross Gold and New Gold Inc.

2018: A Good Year for Gold Prices – Many leading precious metals analysts are bullish on gold for 2018. Stocks and cryptocurrencies could end up supportive influences for gold say the analysts. There is a certain amount of uneasiness in the stock market even as equities keep hitting record highs, with some fearing a big downward correction is on the horizon. If so, that could mean safe-haven gold buying.

Gold Seen Flatlining Next Year, Silver Forecasts Cut Again – Reuters conducted a poll of 34 analysts and traders who expect gold to edge slightly higher, but only to average $1,300/oz next year. 2018 may be the year where we can see better rallies in silver.

Gold is a Terrible Long-Term Investment – Gold can stabilize your portfolio or reduce its risk in turbulent times. But you should still limit your holdings of gold given its drawbacks cautions a Nobel Laureate.

Gold: The Fiscal Hurricane

John Ing, Maison Placements: How high the Dow? This inflated market will keep going up, until it doesn't. The United States will soon face a fiscal hurricane due to a deteriorating financial situation. We are awash in a tide of dollars and debt on debt is not good. The age old lesson of supply and demand leaves the dollar with only one way to go.

Gold will continue to rise as long as the United States is allowed to continue its profligate ways, and Donald Trump is in the White House. Mr. Ing comments on Agnico Eagle Mines, B2Gold, Barrick Gold, Centerra Gold, Eldorado Gold, Goldcorp, Kinross and New Gold... Read More

Bull & Bear's The Resource Investor


Featured Articles Inside This Issue:

Coal Stocks: The Most Hated Sector?
The coal mining companies are among the most out-of-favor companies in the stock market today. As contrarian investments, these stocks have real appeal. Here are a number of publicly-traded coal companies that could reward contrary-minded investors. Several are limited partnerships, which are taxed differently, at both the corporate and investor levels, compared to common stocks.

Money Has Lost Its Value
Eight years after our near meltdown in 2008, trust in our politicians, central banks and the intelligentsia have eroded, in part due to the failed promises and solutions which, beside pushing up asset prices has resulted in the an anemic economic recovery despite rounds and rounds of monetary stimulus and the lowest rates in 5,000 years. Consequently, voter frustration, disillusionment and anger has led to a rise in populism and radical political solutions, such as Brexit. As such investors are more concerned about the return of their money, rather than the return. Investors beware, better to come up with a Plan B. Gold is everyone's Plan B.

Chinese Gold Production Sharply Lower in 2017
Gold is an alternative investment to the overvalued dollar for China and the central banks. John Ing, Maison Placements, believes the price rise in gold is telling, a truism, not about gold, but about the US dollar. Ing gives his recommendations for Barrick, Centerra Gold, Centamin, Detour Gold, Kinross, New Gold, and Goldcorp.

Forget Oil Prices, Oil Majors are a Buy
Oil stocks have been performing dismally this year, and oil prices have failed to sustain a rally, so why are these stocks still attractive? Low valuations and high dividend yields, say analysts. Supermajor oil companies are living a new reality that is based on new profits in a forever-low oil price environment – and globally, analysts say, the oil sector is a great investment.

Investment Newsletter Digest
The nation’s leading commodity newsletters and analysts give their “Buy” forecasts on Lithium, Copper, Palladium, Gold Miners and Income Trusts.

What to Ask Before Investing in Natural Resource Stocks
Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., says that the 'management interview' is critical before investing in any junior resource company. Here are the questions to ask before investing.

Brent Cook Reveals His Rules and Guidelines for Evaluating Junior Exploration Projects and Companies
Independent exploration analyst, Brent Cook and a number of his accomplished friends have compiled a list of "must read" rules and guidelines for evaluating junior exploration projects and companies.

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