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Resurgence of Uranium Exploration
in Saskatchewan, Canada

The International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook, projects global electricity demand to increase by about 55% from 2018 to 2040. At the same time, air pollution and climate change are driving transition to low-emission sources of electricity.

Numerous companies are currently on the hunt for uranium targeting near-surface, basement-hosted, high-grade uranium orebodies outside of the Athabasca Basin – best known as the world’s leading source of high-grade uranium and currently supplies 20% of the world’s uranium.

Airborne low-level magnetometer and VLF-EM surveys have been recently completed by an Australian-based company, with another airborne gravity gradiometer gravity & magnetics survey commencing on properties located east of the eastern edge of the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan.

Uranium Claims Available

High-Grade Saskatchewan Uranium: 6 undrilled claims (9284 acres) good into 2023, off eastern edge of Athabasca Basin and within 8 and 20 km respectively of the recent airborne surveying activity, 1.01% U, 5.79% U3O8 & 7.17% U3O8 in basement boulders. For details, contact Gary at

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